Château Berštejn Hotel & Golf Resort

Welcome to Berštejn! Discover the castle, designed to feel more like a private residence than a hotel. Discover one of the most interesting castle hotels near Prague. Be here at home and enjoy your stay in Broken mountains (Polomené hory).

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Berštejn, this fabulously restored renaissance castle from the 16th century, was 20 years ago a ruin amidst a breathtaking wilderness of the National Nature Reserve Kokořínsko in the North Bohemia. Miro Slezak, the former forward of German national hockey team bought it and brought back to life. He rescued the beautiful castle with an English park, which in the past charmed such personalities as Bohemian military leader and statesman Albrecht von Wallenstein, German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and German-language writer Franz Kafka. Recently filmmakers from around the world used Berstejn as a movie location. Nowadays the owner and his lovely wife Markéta together with their son Miro are hosts who look after their guests personally in season from April to October. Its a place full of history and a cozy atmosphere, where time is in a bit different era. The premises in the castle, lovingly furnished with antique furniture, offer plenty of privacy. In the spacious park you will find a large sport area with swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, two tennis courts and a large playground for children. One of the most famous Czech lake Máchovo jezero for water sports, sailing, surfing is just 7 km away. An ideal place for your next short breaks, castle stays, family holidays, reunions, celebrations or parties, weddings or corporate event.


The world has many beautiful places you have to visit once in your life. But only a few will catch your heart. The castle clock counts time differently. We’ll give you a story to tell.


Do not miss the exciting events at the Chateau Berštejn. Each year we try to prepare something new, something that will inspire you.


Find the pre-built package that inspires you or build your own. Let yourself be enchanted by a wonderful romantic in chateau and surrounding nature “Kokorinsko”

Romantické vyhlídky
Machovo jezero koupani
Máchovo jezero
Čapská palice
Rybníky Kokořinsko
Modlivý důl
Vyhlídky Dubské Švýcarsko


Find your own piece of paradise! Romantic accommodation, pleasant and great hospitality, mouthwatering food, fun and new experiences, pure nature and absolutely relax.


Photo: Archive Chateau Berštejn, Iveta Kopicová, Image by v.ivash on Freepik; Image by Freepik; Image by zinkevych on Freepik; Image by prostooleh on Freepik; Image by Freepik