Family Holidays

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Family Holidays

Any time of the year is great at Berštejn – thus your family can enjoy a wide range of sports activities & leisure at the castle hotel.

There is no better place than our place when you think of family holidays and this is because we are a sweet loving family serving families from all parts of the globe.

You and your family members will have loads of fun here at Berštejn – considering the beautiful rooms, restaurant, bar, a large sport area hosting a swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, two tennis courts and a large playground for children, and so much more!

We have become the most preferred hotel for family holidays in the region and you have to pay us a visit to come experience it for yourself. One visit – will have you coming back for more!

If you are seeking for a fun family holiday – look no further than Berštejn  as our provisions & amenities make it a perfect family friendly option for your holiday; a home indeed away from home!

You kids will love the atmosphere! Remember that happy kids translate to happy holidays, so choose your destination wisely! Berštejn provides you great family friendly menu meaning the entire family will get awesome meals at reasonable prices!

Family holidays are often the highlights of the year – so make it a date with your loved ones at Berštejn and relax in the understanding that your holiday will be safe and fully fun-packed.