Castle Weddings on a Budget

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Castle Weddings on a Budget

PRAGUE – Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, full of unforgettable moments that should be cherished throughout your life. The moment the wedding bells start ringing, you begin to wonder about how to make it a really huge and momentous event. People have different tastes and fantasies regarding the wedding day, and with passage of time the wedding industry has seen lots of progress which reflects in the way people like to manage their weddings. Venues are of paramount importance when it comes to making your wedding ceremonies splendid. While we are talking about venues, what can be a better place to get married in than a castle?

  Castles are highly celebrated in many cultures and a castle wedding can be any bride’s dream come true. Why let your dreams only remain dreams when you can go for a low-budget castle wedding at the famous Chateau Berstejn? Instead of following the crowd, weave your own special memories for the rest of your life. The Chateau Berštejn is perfect for an extravagant fairy tale wedding. The Family Hotel Castle Berštejn is located in a splendid castle that dates back to the renaissance era. A marvelous garden inspired by the British architecture envelops this castle. This castle is located in Czech Republic, outside Prag. If you are British and have been fantasizing of getting married in a castle, you should consider visiting this castle.

  The wedding packages at the Chateau Berštejn affordable and the services are totally grand and aimed at making you feel like a princess or prince. Not only the castle offers a supreme sense of serenity and exuberance, but also the services here provide you and your loved ones with perfect comfort and luxury.

  Your special day is completely yours and that’s why it is personalized according to your liking and taste. All of the packages are low-budget for renewal of vows, church weddings, and civil weddings. The wedding day package includes residence in the castle for 30 to 70 people, breakfast buffet, romantic and fanciful ceremonies, deluxe wedding décor, space for celebrations like music and dance, local wedding customs like golf swing, a lush wedding menu and much more. Other than weddings, the Hotel has packages for family reunions, conferences and events, and golf and tennis etc. and all within affordable packages.

  If you have made up your mind to go for a castle wedding, The Chateau Berštejn is just the place for you. Your family and friends are going to love this experience of celebrating your wedding day with you in this castle. You might want to consider checking out this castle and determine your theme for the wedding to create a perfect atmosphere that goes with the grandeur of this castle.

  For the castle wedding straight out of your fantasies, contact us.

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